Aminet Not Deleted

January 15, 1998 - Amiga users from around the world tonight gasped in shock as they read a message posted on the Washington University (in St. Louis, MO) FTP site, the primary host of the Aminet archive. The location where the primary Aminet archive is usually stored is now reported as "not found" by the server and this message can be found in the /pub/ directory of wustl:

Due to extensive and repeated abuse, the public files section of wuarchive has been removed. This also means that we are no longer accepting software submissions. We do, however, mirror several large platform-specific archives. If you are looking to distribute your software, you might consider uploading your files to one of these other large archives.

Uploads to the following sites will be mirrored to wuarchive in less than a day: (DOS files, mirrored in /systems/ibmpc/ (windows files, mirrored in /systems/ibmpc/win[3,95,nt]) (Macintosh files, mirrored in /systems/mac/info-mac)

Please visit our main page at to find other great software.

Thank you for visiting wuarchive.

Most of the people who were disturbed by that posting failed to notice the date stamp of the file: November 16, 1997. It was an old post announcing the deletion of files from wustl's /pub/ FTP directories--not Aminet.

Aminet administrator Urban Mueller reported to CUCUG that the problem is yet another in a long line of hard disk errors suffered at the midwestern US university and that repairs were being made. According to Mueller, the primary Aminet archive will be back online within a few days and there is no need to panic.


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