Aminet Being Restored

January 19, 1998 - According to Urban Mueller, Administrator of Aminet, the complete RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) at Washington University was lost due to "human error". Mueller confirmed an earlier posting on the Amiga Web Directory which indicated that a complete tape backup was available and was in process. The restore from tape is currently estimated to take another two days to complete. In the meantime files may still be downloaded from the long list of Aminet mirrors located throughout the world. A list of these may be found at .

Mueller also indicated that there are plans to make the main Aminet site independent from Washintong University's "wuarchive" and that a network alias would point to an alternate site in the event that the primary site goes down again.

Aminet is one of the world's largest file collections for any computer and exclusively features Amiga-oriented software and other materials.

- CUCUG Staff


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