Paxtron Announces 'Access' - The Ultimate Kiosk System

Date: January 21, 1998

We are pleased to announce that Paxtron Corporation has been granted exclusive distribution rights in North America under licensing from Amiga International through Access Information Systems. Access is a newly licensed Amiga 1200 cloned motherboard specifically designed for kisoks and is 100% Amiga compatible.

The Access computer is a low cost Corporate Multimedia delivery platform (kiosks, advertising displays, etc.) based on the Amiga Chip Set and Operating System. In addition to the standard Amiga specification, the Access has connectivity options, CD-ROM and floppy disk drive. The design is flexible so that a range of motherboards can be built which have 90% common parts, mount in the same case, can be flexibly manufactured using computer controlled production equipment and therefore allow rapid delivery of small batches at an economical price.

The motherboard, when fitted with its mounting frame and floppy disk drive, fits into a standard 5 1/4" drive bay. The mounting method is extremely flexible and allows us to mount the motherboard in a wide range of cases, even in a standard PC case (although its depth of 297mm does cause problems with some bays). The options this provides extends from its "normal" package with a CD-ROM to a compact 8 unit tower case for major installations.

The Access kiosk system will primarily be used for the following:


The Access system is available two different ways.

The basic unit is the motherboard and brackets and includes:

The full Access unit includes all of the above plus an enclosure/cabinet with a 110 volt power supply. 3 1/2" hard disk mounting bracket is also supplied.

Other options are:

[Access and its operating system are under license from Amiga International]

For full pricing information on everything Paxtron performs, visit our website at "".

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