Aminet Back Online

January 25, 1998 - Many fans of the Amiga computer have been breathing a sigh of relief as they discover that the primary site hosting the world's largest Amiga file archive has come back online. Reports first started coming in about 36 hours ago that access was slow but the Aminet web pages were beginning to come back up. As of this evening, normal access to all files seems to have achieved by the Aminet administration team, led by Urban Mueller.

Earlier postings to the comp.sys.amiga.misc newsgroup cited a message from Washington University claiming that the public files section of wuarchive (the place where Aminet is hosted) had been removed. Apparently that message had been written regarding another matter and was posted months ago and had no bearing on the situation with Aminet.

Mueller has indicated that there are plans to make the main Aminet site independent from Washington University and that a network alias would point to an alternate site in the event that the primary site goes down again.

For a full list of Aminet file sites, see .


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