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Infinite Frontiers, producers of the popular Star Trek Amiga diskzine, The Final Frontier and the highly rated slideshow series, Holodeck and Illusions are pleased to announce the addition of another 'zine to its sucessful line of paper 'zines which currently includes The Final Frontier Phase II, Visions, The Continuing Voyages and The Cybertronian Times...


Amiga Energy is currently being planned for a first issue release in the next 4-6 weeks. The 'zine, as with all Infinite Frontiers releases, is produced on Amiga systems by Amiga fans and will be an A5 mono publication, published on a bi-monthly basis.

Pre-orders for the first issue are now being taken. Projected prices are 1.25 for the standard version and 1.75 with floppy disk covermount. Postage and packing is charged at 25p for UK mainland and 50p for worldwide...

We are pleased to thank Petro at Amiga International, Inc. and Lisa at Vulcan Software for thier help and support.

Amiga Energy will feature a mixture of news, articles, reviews (hard&software) covering all sectors of the Amiga market. Of course we will also include readers ads and letters as soon as we can!

For more details, information on advertising or general queries (or if you want to send a letter for the letters page!) write to us at the address below or email us via:

Our website is currently under construction at:

Please send IMOs, UK drawn cheques and postal orders, made payable to Infinite Frontiers to Amiga Energy, Infinite Frontiers, PO Box 8966, Great Barr, Birmingham, B43 5ST, ENGLAND.

About Infinite Frontiers

Infinite Frontiers was started as a small sci-fi group producing paper fanzines several years ago, by Simon Plumbe. Currently in existance as a non-profit making organisation, co-ordinated by Simon Plumbe and Colin Gunn, Infinite Froniters exists to entertain and educate.

1991 saw the launch of our first major sucess, The Final Frontier. This Star Trek fanzine was a little different to most in that it was on Amiga floppy disk. The mag featured not only text, but artwork from Tobias Richter and eventually from Mark Platts & Gary Moffat plus music from the likes of Bjorn Lynne and Allister Brimble. Infinite Frontiers other Amiga based releases included the Holodeck series of Star Trek slideshows (including the worlds first high density 1.76Mb Amiga disk slideshow) , the Illusions series of sci-fi & fantasy slideshows, and CD World.

More recently, while we carry on developing the floppy based work we have branched back out into paper-based 'zine publishing. Current releases include, The Final Frontier Phase 2 (Star Trek), Visions (general sci-fi & fantasy), The Continuing Voyages (Star Trek fiction), and The Cybertronian Times (Transformers). Several other titles are in development.

The Amiga has gone hand in hand with Infinite Frontiers providing us with the tools we have needed to create our productions. The Amiga is absolutely vital to our paper publications (we use both Wordworth and Final Writer for layout plus ProText, DPaint V, Personal Paint 7.1 and other packages). The Amiga also played a very important part in the convention for fans of Star Trek we held in Birmingham, England during August of 1996.

Amiga Energy is a way we hope to give something back. We have plans for Amiga Energy and hope it will compliment the two current UK produced Amiga magazines, and, we hope, come some way to fill the gaps left by the cancellation of the Amiga magazines we have lost in the last couple of years. As part of our thankyou, instead of just 1 disk on the coverdisk version of the magazine (which will be the normal situation), issue 1 will have covermounted our licenseware 2 disk release, Holodeck 10.

Thank you for your attention,

Sven Harvey (co-editor, Amiga Energy)

Sven Harvey - Editor, Producer, Advertising Co-ordinator - Infinite Frontiers. Member of Team *AMIGA* & Transmasters UK.

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