Amiga Informer Announces Issue 12

Issue 12 of The Informer marks our 2nd full year of publishing and will be available in about 2 weeks. This issue contains lots of information, including, a report on the Amiga game industry resurgence, an exclusive interview with Mick Tinker of Index Information Ltd. which includes info on the BoXeR, InSideOut and The Access, part 3 of Networking and the Amiga, using SVGA monitors on your Amiga, plus many news bytes, announcements, and tips.

Issue 12 features eight graded reviews, which include, CrossDOS 7 Gold, New York, StormC, Video Turtle, The Catalyzer Video, KidStop, Myst and Final Odyssey. Regular columns include, managing Environmental Variables, direct modem communication, a look at PD Terminal programs and Q&A's with Ask Dr. Amiga.

And of course, you will get all the other features and extras you've come to expect from the print version of The Amiga Informer magazine. Also, have a look at our website for some very exiting specials only available to Amiga Informer readers too!

We offer you many ways to get The Informer, such as secure on-line SSL credit card ordering, on-line no-risk, no-obligation trial offer ( follow the subscribe link), Toll free Visa and MC ordering (888-882-6442), Fax ordering (1-914-566-4665), or good old Snailmail ordering with a downloadable form located at our website or with the coupon provided in every issue.

Our website ( will soon be updated with selected articles from issue 11. More features will be added to our site in the near future too, so visit soon!

So stay connected and stay informed with The Amiga Informer magazine. We bring you a no nonsense, no fluff magazine full of useful information for all levels of Amiga users. We are 100% committed to the Amiga community and produce The Informer using only Amiga computers. Check us out soon to see what you've been missing!


Fletcher Haug, Editor
The Amiga Informer magazine

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