Cronus Announces Liquidation Sale

Dear Amiga User,

This message is to inform you of some changes at Cronus (formerly Amiga Library Services) and to give you first opportunity at some really great deals on Amiga CD-ROMs.

In early 1986 I founded Amiga Library Services to distribute Amiga software on floppy disk (AKA "Fish Disks") and then many years later began producing CD-ROM distributions of Amiga software. At the time of Commodore's bankruptcy, Amiga Library Services was a small but growing company that not only produced our own products, but imported many products from overseas and resold them to both end users and dealers.

Of course many things have happened since then, and we recently find ourselves in the position of not having sufficient ongoing sales to really justify remaining in the Amiga marketplace at this time. So a couple months ago, we made the rather painful decision that Cronus would stop reselling Amiga products, and with the exception of future AmigaOS versions of Geek Gadgets, stop producing our own Amiga products. Of course this is not an irreversible decision. If for some reason in the future it makes sense to reenter the marketplace we will certainly do so. This is not a loss of faith in the Amiga itself, but purely a business decision based on the "bottom line".

So we now find ourselves in possession of several thousand CD-ROMs that we would like to liquidate at below our original cost. Below you will find a complete list of the titles and quantity of each that we have in stock. This is a great opportunity for individuals, user groups, and dealers to obtain these products at an unbeatable price.

You are receiving this mail because you are on one of the Amiga related mailing lists that Cronus supports as a service to the Amiga community. We have full intention to continue providing this service. As a member of one of our mailing lists, you are the first to know about this liquidation sale. In a few days we will post an announcement on the Amiga forsale group and change our web site so that the rest of the Amiga community knows about this sale.

The rules of this liquidation sale are simple:

  1. First come, first served. Orders will be processed as they are received. Since quantities vary, obviously we can't guarantee availability of any particular title. If for some reason we are out of stock on a particular title you have ordered, we will substitute a different title of equal value. You can specify "alternate selections" if you wish.
  2. All sales are final. There will be no refunds or exchanges.
  3. The minimum purchase is $10, not including shipping and handling.
  4. Domestic (USA) shipping will be via UPS, Airborne, or US Priority mail. Shipping to Canada and overseas destinations will be via small packet airmail. Cronus STRONGLY suggests shipping via a tracked shipping method such as UPS or Airborne to avoid problems with lost shipments. You should specify your prefered shipping method at time of order.
  5. Shipping charges will be calculated and added to your order based upon current UPS, Airborne, or US Postal Service rates, plus a small amount to cover packaging and handling (typically $1-$2). As an example, total shipping and handling charges for 1 to 4 CD's via UPS ground would normally be about $5. Since 4 CD's are about 1 lb, each additional quantity of 4 CDs would normally add about $1 to the shipping cost.
  6. Prices are non-negotiable unless you are interested in at least fifty or more CD's of a given title. In that case, contact me directly for pricing.
  7. For payment we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, money orders (in US funds) or cashier's checks. No personal checks will be accepted.
  8. Orders placed via email should go to "". If for some reason you are unable to get email through to, then send it to me personally at "".

Orders placed via paper mail should go to:

26233 North 45th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85024

-Fred Fish
January 19, 1998

Title                           Price           Quantity on hand
---------------------------     -----           ----------------
Amiga Developer CD 1.1          $5              6
Aminet Vol 13                   $2              1
Aminet Vol 16                   $2              22
Aminet Vol 18                   $2              1
Aminet Vol 19                   $2              12
Aminet Vol 20                   $5              36
Aminet Vol 21                   $5              15
Amy Resources                   $5              30
da capo (Amiga)                 $1              105
da capo (MacIntosh)             $1              909
Fresh Fish Vol 4                $1              25
Fresh Fish Vol 7                $1              74
Fresh Fish Vol 8                $1              23
Fresh Fish Vol 9                $1              27
Fresh Fonts 1                   $1              14
FantaSeas (Photo-CD)            $5              109
FrozenFish (PC readable)        $1              541
Gold Fish Vol 3 (2-CD set)      $1              798
Geek Gadgets Vol 1 (Amiga)      $1              133
Geek Gadgets Vol 2 ! (Amiga)    $5              129
Guru ROM 2091 (hardware)        $20             2
Guru ROM V6 (hardware)          $20             5
Mods Anthology                  $20             11
Online Library (multiplatform)  $1              122
p.OS prerelease                 $5              23
Turbocalc 4.0                   $5              1

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