Macrohard Media/PowerPC Special

Macrohard Media Celebrates!

Amiga Inc. has made the anouncement we have all been waiting for! The Amigas future is with Motorola and its PowerPC line of processors! To celebrate the occasion Macrohard Media will be offering the Phase5 CyberstormPPC200 at a temporary sale price. We wish to promote new software developements for the new standard in Amiga power. We hope all professional and amateur coders will take advantage of this offer and start coding the Amigas future.

These prices will be good only for the month of Febuary. In the case of a stock shortage these prices will be honored on prepaid orders to be shipped at a later date.

The CyberstormPPC 200mhz accelerator is for the A3000 and A4000.

CyberstormPPC200 w/ 68k processor - $1065

CyberstormPPC200 w/ out 68k processor - $999

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