Dimensions Computers to Distribute the Oxyron Patcher

New Generation Software of Germany has authorized Dimensions Computers of the USA to distribute and promote their "Oxypatcher" software. Oxypatcher is a program to enhance the performance of any Amiga using an 040 or 060 processor. The Oxyron Patcher handles calls to the processor's FPU (68882 math co-processor), which the native OS library system does quite poorly, resulting in a performance increase of up to 20 times when using New Generation's product. Oxypatcher is currently the only software package available for all 040/060 users, except those with Phase5 accelerators, who have Cyberpatcher, which only works in conjunction with a Phase5 accelerator card. In virtually all cases, Oxypatcher is equal to or faster than even Cyberpatcher. More information on the Oxyron patcher is available in German and English at:


It is thus sincerely recommended that all owners of QuikPak, ACT Apollo, GVP/GVP-M, and A3640 boards, including all 68040 A4000 and A4000T computers, as well as 4000T/060 models look into the Oxyron Patcher. This software package can provide you with an inexpensive yet major performance increase.

Dimensions Computers is a full-service Amiga dealer offering a comprehensive online catalog, found at the URL below. In accordance with their usual competitive pricing, they are offering a preliminary price of only $25 per copy of OxyPatcher!

Dimensions Computers can be contacted by dealers, distributors, and endusers seeking more information on the Oxyron Patcher in the following ways:

World Wide Web: http://nrex.net/dimensions/

E-Mail: dimensions@nrex.net

Telephone: (888) 534-6367

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