Amiga Energy Magazine News Update

Following the previous news release from Infinite Frontiers regarding our new Amiga magazine, Amiga Energy, here is the latest run-down on what is happening with this new fan-produced, non-profit making publication.

Amiga Energy - The Team

Amiga Energy is being developed by a core team of writers from Amiga licenceware team, Infinite Frontiers, consisting of: Sven Harvey - Editor, Writer, Publicity Simon Plumbe - Editor, Writer, Coverdisk Compiler, Subscriptions Colin Gunn - Writer, Executive Producer

In terms of experience, Sven has worked in the computer retail trade for over 7 years, primarily trying to sell Amigas to an unsuspecting public! As well as this, Sven worked on the Amiga CD-ROM "CD Gold" which was the Amiga's first (and only) CD-based magazine as a writer and artist. Colin has also worked in the retail trade for most of his working life, and has worked professionally as a writer working on science fiction titles, most notably for the Official Star Trek Fan Club Of The UK. Finally, Simon acted as Editor on the CD GOLD project, which he also wrote for extensively, and has spent endless hours in front of the keyboard in his secondary career as a freelance writer working on a variety of titles including Amiga Pro, Amiga User International, and was the regular Amiga columnist for Micromart.

All three of the team have been actively involved in all of the releases from Infinite Frontiers, which is run by Simon and Colin.

Amiga Energy - What's New

We have now settled on the size, page count and prices of the magazine, and following the response we had to our first phase of online promotion we are well under way to releasing the first issue shortly.

There has been some confusion arising from our previous posting regarding the magazine. Amiga Energy is solely about the Amiga, it's hardware, software, and most importantly, it's users. While most of Infinite Frontiers' work in the past has been in the field of science fiction, the Amiga Energy team has had more than it's share of Amiga experience.

Also, we would like to stress that the magazine is NOT a commercial publication - it is a magazine by Amiga enthusiasts who share a love of the Amiga that we're sure all of you reading this do. We are taking advertising (to help pay for the magazine), but all of the money taken from the asking price goes back into producing the magazine.

Coming In Issue One

All of the regular features you'd expect to find in any Amiga magazine - software reviews (games, serious, PD/shareware etc.), hardware reviews, free readers adverts (up to 30 words - e-mail or post them to us now for inclusion in Issue One!!), technical advice, letters, games tips, and more. Also, we'll be featuring our own ongoing series' including a look at all of the Amiga models released taking an in-depth analysis of each, a look at classic Amiga games of old that many users may have overlooked, tutorials (planned for future issues - let us know what you want us to cover), plus plenty of one-off articles and features.

Normally, each issue will also come complete with an optional coverdisk crammed full of software. However, for issue one we have a two-disk special featuring our 3D rendered Star Trek slideshow "Holodeck 10" featuring incredible artwork from Paul Coleman. Through the licenceware distribution scheme, this two-disk set has sold previously for 3.00 and is yours for just an extra 0.50!! If things do well with the sales of the magazine, in future we'd like to bring you even more spectacular coverdisks and full programs.

Issue one is due for release in early March 1998, spanning a total of 48 A5 pages, and TWO coverdisks (the slideshow mentioned above). Future issues will initially be released approximately every two months, although this may be increased as the magazine grows in popularity.

Ordering Details

We are now taking pre-orders for the first issue (along with subscription orders) and these will be despatched once the magazine is released. Unlike many magazines, for those of you ordering from outside of the UK, we will still send out coverdisks!! To order, send a cheque, postal order, cash (sent at your own risk) or an IMO payable to "Infinite Frontiers" to the address at the foot of this news update.

The price for the magazine for those of you in the UK is 1.80 (1.50 plus 0.30 postage) for the standard edition, and 2.30 (2.00 plus 0.30 postage) for the coverdisk version. For overseas readers, the prices are 2.00 for the standard version and 2.50 for the disk version.

However, should you wish to take out a six-issue subscription to save money, and to ensure that the magazines are sent to you as soon as they are released you can take advantage of these great offers: for a six issue UK subscription you pay just 10 for the normal edition, or 12.50 for the disk version. For overseas readers, the price is just 11 for the standard edition and 14 for the disk edition. In addition to saving money, all subscribers can choose a free 2-disk slideshow from our range of Amiga licenceware disks - either the Star Trek slideshow "Holodeck 9" or the general slideshow "Illusions 5" worth 3.00 each!!

Keep your eyes open for more news on the magazine, and please feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions, contributions, letters, or questions either to the snail-mail or e-mail addresses below.

Sven Harvey, Simon Plumbe, Colin Gunn - Amiga Energy

Infinite Frontiers, PO Box 8966, Great Barr, Birmingham, B43 5ST, England

3rd February 1998

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