CUCUG Web Server Back Online

February 10, 1998 - CUCUG is pleased to announce that the recent problems with the reliability of our main web server have been solved for now.

The main CUCUG web site in Champaign, IL went down on Thursday, February 5th due to a problem with a bad power supply. The current server which houses the CUCUG site had been in use for less than two weeks when it went down. This new server is about three times as powerful as our former machine and will allow us to handle the enormous amount of daily web traffic much better than the former machine.

Everything seems to be working properly and is back to normal.

Thanks to everyone who wrote us with their concerns and offers of assistance! A special thanks to National Amiga for allowing us to use their e-mail list announcing the status of the problem.

-Kevin Hisel
CUCUG Webmaster


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