Syzygy Seeks Input From Amiga Users

Date sent: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 10:10:16 -0700
To: khisel @
From: Syzygy Research & Technology <>
Subject: The Digital Universe, V2.0

This letter is being sent to you since you either purchased, or at one point expressed an interest in the Amiga version of "The Digital Universe".

Since the introduction of V1.0 of "The Digital Universe", Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd. has quickly established our software as the premiere astronomical simulation product available for the Amiga computer. In fact, it has become so popular that we have received countless requests from owners of other computer platforms and we are consequently working on Windows 3.1/95 and Macintosh versions of the package.

Naturally, as we develop these ports, we are adding features along the way. The versions of our software under development are much more powerful than the currently shipping V1.03 is. As a result, we would very much like to improve the Amiga version of the software to provide the same enhanced functionality as will be enjoyed by Windows and Macintosh owners.

However, realistically the Amiga market has undergone some serious setbacks in recent years. As the uncertainty of the Amiga's future continues, more and more Amiga owners are migrating to other systems, or at the very least being rather reluctant to continue upgrading their Amiga hardware and/or software until the dust settles. As a result, many software developers, distributors, magazines, etc. have closed their doors, not being able to afford waiting for Amiga sales any longer.

At Syzygy, we have noticed the reluctance in the marketplace firsthand. When "The Digital Universe" was first released, we could barely keep up with the orders that were coming in. As the first reviews of our package appeared in Amiga magazines, we received an overwhelming response. But some recent reviews, every bit as encouraging, have failed to generate a single additional sale.

As a business, we have to ensure that we will be able to sell what we spend time and money developing, and as such we are forced into taking a hard look at whether or not we should be continuing Amiga development. We are therefore hoping that you will find the time to take a brief survey on the web at:

The information you provide on that site will help us make a decision on whether we should be spending our time and money in continuing to develop "The Digital Universe" for the Amiga platform.

It is important for you to realize that we plan on continuing to sell and support V1.03 of our software indefinitely - this survey is only to give us an idea of whether we should release a V2.0.

Thanks for your assistance - we hope for your continued support!

Dan Charrois
President, Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd.

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