Haage & Partner News February, 1998 - Latest Versions of X-DVE and FontMachine

HAAGE & PARTNER annouces latest version of X-DVE V3.0 - the All-In-One Video Effects Generator & FontMachine V3.0 the superb ColorFont Editor

X-DVE V3.0 - the All-In-One Video Effects Generator

Explosions, Rotations, Perspective, Wind, Zoom and other exciting video effects are waiting for you. It never has been so easy to use such amazing effects in your video production.

X-DVE is one of the most powerful, productive and easy-to-use tools for desktop video (DTV), animation and titling. It unites a variety of functions that are normally found in many different programs. This outstanding video package is now being offered at an unbeatable price.

X-DVE got a lot of good ratings in the international press:

FontMachine 3 - Animated ColorFont Fantasies

FontMachine was created in collaboration with several leading video professionals who were looking for the ultimate solution in custom titling software. Videographers, today, realize that titling is an important aspect of quality film making. FontMachine offers the video enthusiast the ability to create dazzling color fonts for use in their productions. It is also an excellent tool for adding panache to HTML documents as well as for creating eye catching print copy. Desk Top Publishers, with the aid of Font Machine, can add polish to all their work including; advertisements, magazine layouts and brochures.

Press Opinions

FontMachine v3.0 got a rating of 92% from German Amiga Plus 3/98 and "Very Good" from German Amiga Magazine 3/98. It also got the following ratings from Italian press: "Excellent" Amiga Magazine, "Very Good" MicroComputer and "Excellent" EnigmA Amiga 7/97.


X-DVE & FontMachine are products of Italian video specialist ClassX. They are distributed world-wide by HAAGE&PARTNER.

To get more information or a demo of X-DVE and FontMachine, please visite our homepage: www.haage-partner.com

To buy the product, please contact your local dealer (see dealers list on our homepage) or visit our order page.

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