Amiga Report Update From Jason Compton

Amiga Report Delays

First off, no, Amiga Report has not been cancelled. We still have all of our Amiga equipment and the same dedication to producing the world's longest running online Amiga publication.

The problem as of late has been that the equipment and our schedules have not been compatible with this goal.

Shortly before Christmas, in an accident of bizarre proportions, the main Amiga Report 4000T was damaged and put out of commission. It took over 6 weeks to get the problem fixed--which wound up being a fairly simple damaged cable.

Since recovering the 4000T, available time to write and produce Amiga Report has unfortunately been scarce. Both Assistant Editor Katherine Nelson and I have been extremely busy. The bad news is that until about mid-June, my time will be pulled in a number of very important and time-consuming directions.

So, here's the bottom line.

Amiga Report will continue to be produced into the forseeable future.

I can't guarantee when our first issue of 1998 will be released. The best guess I can give at this point is "March."

I also can't guarantee when 6.02 will follow. April is somewhat unlikely. Late May-early June is more likely.

Despite the trend there's no conscious effort to pull back on AR's production--and no, this isn't due to our move to HTML. We don't -want- AR to be quarterly--we never consciously wanted it to be bimonthly, or monthly even--but at times over the past couple years that has been the only way to make it work, so that is how it has worked.

Thank you all for your patience. You can stop sending me panic-stricken e-mail now. :)

Jason Compton
Editor, Amiga Report Magazine

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