ICOA Accepting Membership Applications


24 February 1998

The Transitional Steering Committee (TSC) of the ICOA is pleased to announce that it is finally open to accepting membership applications from those who feel that they can help advance the technical future of the Amiga, whether commercial, individual, Public Domain, Shareware or Academic.

Please peruse the ICOA temporary website, read the by-laws and membership sections and then move to the resources section if an application is to be made.

Please note at this time that affiliate membership applications are not being taken. This will be developed and put into effect once a new Steering Committee has been elected.

We are hoping to turn around membership applications within seven days.

At the same time, we also wish to announce that the ICOA publicly available developer and product database is also available. We invite all developers to register both themselves and their products on the database. We hope that this register will become a central point of information for users seeking information about products and their status.

Those registering are under no obligation to join the ICOA.

There will be a an annual membership fee for joining the ICOA but this will not be charged until the financial system is in place. Once this is done, the Steering Committee will announce a cutoff date for subscriptions to be paid. At this time, any who do not wish to pay the subscription will be free to rescind their membership and will be under no further obligation. We estimate that this system will not be available for 2-3 months.

Once we have 100 members, the election procedure for the new Steering Committee will be put into operation.

We wish to thank all those who have supported and stuck with the ICOA and who have allowed it to get to this point. For those who have doubted or merely watched, we invite them to come and join.

The ICOA is a co-operative body of developers run by developers for the benefit of developers, all developers, to enable them to further the Amiga platform for the benefit of the whole community, developers, owners and users.

All for the Amiga and the Amiga for all!

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