PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX Offers PPC Software Bundles

Buying all new software for PPC may soon get quite expensive - on the other hand, investing in new Amiga PPC systems should be honored in some way...

Let's go:

The following shareware bundle prices are limited until 31th March 1998 (postal stamp's date or date of email):

Bundle #1: akJFIF-dt + akPNG-dt (PPC)

Name                 regular price
akJFIF/PPC keyfile   15,- DM
akPNG/PPC keyfile    15,- DM
              TOTAL  30,- DM

BUNDLE-PRICE:        20,- DM  (saves you 10,- DM !)

Bundle #2: SuperView + akJFIF-dt + akPNG-dt (PPC)

Name                 regular price
SViewNG keyfile      30,- DM
SViewNG PPC-Modules  30,- DM
akPNG/PPC keyfile    15,- DM
akJFIF/PPC keyfile   15,- DM
              TOTAL  90,- DM

BUNDLE-PRICE:        70,- DM  (saves you 20,- DM !)

Please note, that these offers are for email shipment of keyfiles (and PPC modules), so if you want to receive your keyfile (and/or PPC modules) via snail mail, please add 5,- DM for shipment through Europe and 10,- DM for overseas shipment.

Please mention the bundle number (1 through 2) and the way of shipment with your order - keyword is "PPC Bundles 98".

If you don't know about some of the mentioned products, please follow the links given below:

Please note (again), that all these offers are limited until 31th March 1998

Please address all orders to:

PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
Andreas R. Kleinert
Sandstrasse 1 Fax: +49-271-22869
D-57072 Siegen eMail:
Germany WWW:

...and don't forget to mention "PPC Bundles 98" with your order !

Additional information:

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