Photogenics Ng to Debut at Gateway Amiga show Amiga98

Photogenics Ng Debuts at Gateway Computer Show-Amiga98

Paul Nolan is pleased to be able to give an exclusive preview of the totally new Photogenics Ng at the upcoming Amiga98 show, March 13th to 15th. Although the name is still subject to change, (see, enough core features are in place to demonstrate the unparalleled level of creativity the software will offer.

Photogenics Ng aims to offer the user never before seen levels of power and sophistication, whether creating works of art from scratch, manipulating existing images, or creating professional quality graphics for your web site. In addition to alternating between demos of Photogenics Ng and the Siamese System at his stand, Paul will also be giving a free 45 minute seminar on Saturday evening at 6pm.

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