Haage & Partner News March, 1998 - Stfax Professional 3.0 - The Advanced Fax / Answer Machine / Mini BBS

STFax Professional is new commercial fax program for the Amiga containing the sort of advanced features you would find within commercial PC fax software. STFax has been in the shareware for the last few months, and the brand new commercial professional version offers even more advanced features plus voice control for voice modems use your Amiga as a digital answer machine, create a fax on demand service (ideal for small businesses. Allows your customers to contact you at any time and use fax on demand to remotely download facsimile information about your products!) and create advanced voice control scripts. You could even set up your own voice answering service as you find when phoning large companies such as British Airways: press 1 on your telephone to be put through to an operator, press 2 to.... etc. Why not create your own mini-BBS? Point and click BBS setup allows you to create multiple doors (with or without secure access), custom ASCII menus and greeting messages. Allow your user to download files within a door, upload files and even send you messages via the BBS. Ideal for the small/home business, family or other.

Full Fax Features:

Advanced Voice Features:

Use your Amiga as an answer machine (digital messages, unlimited storage space!) Advanced voice scripting - create your own voice network or fax on demand service Use your modem as a telephone (make and receive calls via STFax Pro and your modem) Remote access (listen to your messages from an external source. i.e. from another country!) Caller-ID (see exactly who has called and left you a message)

Your Own Mini-BBS:


Suggested Retail Price: 98 DM, 35 British Pound, 59 US$

Manufacturer/Distributor STFax Professional is a product of Active Software (UK)/Simone Tellini (I). It is distributed world-wide by HAAGE & PARTNER.


X-DVE & FontMachine are products of Italian video specialist ClassX. They are distributed world-wide by HAAGE & PARTNER.

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