ImageFX 3.0 to be Unveiled at Amiga '98

Contact: Kermit Woodall
Nova Design, Inc.

For Immediate Release

Friday, March 6th, 1998

Nova Design, Inc., producers of the award winning ImageFX package and Aladdin 4D package, are proud to announce that the shipping version of ImageFX 3.0 will be premiered at Amiga '98 in St. Louis!

ImageFX has been the required graphics application for all Amiga owners and has been a part of Video Toaster/Flyer owner's toolkits for years. Combining painting, image file format conversion, image processing, and special effects, ImageFX is the undisputed leader in graphics manipulation on the Amiga leading the pack in all markets worldwide.

Highlights of ImageFX 3.0

The interface still follows professional standards for the Amiga and the video and film industry with its paintbox style approach. This has been built on in ImageFX 3.0 to allow child menus to remain open for quick access to frequently used functions, larger effects previews that you can zoom in and out of and move around in, font sensitivity, multiple image windows including the ability to open multiple windows for the same image, real image layers that allow you to compose complex composited images that can be modified over and over with ease, and many other improvements throughout.

Cross platform connectivity has been a top concern with ImageFX, from its Video Toaster/Flyer support, to its wide range of image file format support for all computer platform image formats. With this new release ImageFX improves its Flyer support and also now gains support for the Photoshop native file format so that layered images can be shared from Photoshop to ImageFX. ImageFX also now directly supports loading, and preserving, color-mapped (CMAP) image data for quick, accurate, conversion of these formats.

Special effects have always been one of the touchstones of the power of ImageFX. From the earliest days ImageFX pioneered bringing high-end "Hollywood-style" special effects to the desktop with it's morphing and warping, wire removal, lightning and fire effects. The effects in this release extend this even further!

The all-new Clouds module allows you to generate true fractal clouds that can animate their movement and evolve over time, via batch processing, from one form to another. The clouds can be layered to create three-dimensional effects and combine with custom, or supplied, palettes to create wild plasma designs as well.

Scatter is an amazing new effect that can shatter an image into pieces as small as a single pixel and blast them apart in many different patterns. This can be used for artistic designs or for dramatic transitions.

Also new in ImageFX 3.0 is Splash. Splash uses ray tracing and bump mapping to create liquid simulations of rain, water ski surf, gelatinous wiggles and more. The effect can be batched to animate puddles of rainwater and create highly organic transitions.

A classic effect from other computer platforms, Pagecurler, has been added as well. This can add a cool curled page effect to the edge of an image or make letters appear to peel off of the page!

The true gem in the new effects is called FXForge. FXForge uses simple mathematical expressions that, when applied against each pixel in the image, can create hundreds upon hundreds of new effects. It uses a superset of the same technology used in Adobeš Photoshop' s Filter Factory plug-in and is completely compatible to formulas for effects created for that package. Due to the overwhelming popularity of these formulas, you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of them available on the Internet. Experienced users can create these as well to extend their toolkit of special effects on their own! Unique to ImageFX's FXForge is the ability to animate the parameters and access ImageFX's swap buffer for transitional effects as well!

The Show's the Thing

Look to get hands-on exposure to the new ImageFX 3.0 at Nova Design's tables at the Amiga '98 show and also participate in the many ImageFX training seminars to be held on both days of the show. You'll be astonished at all the new features listed here and many others that will be shown for the first time at this show!

Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 204, Richmond, VA 23230. For customer support or information call (804) 282-6528, or fax us at; (804) 282-3768.

ImageFX, and Aladdin 4D are trademarks of Nova Design, Inc. Video Toaster and Toaster are trademarks of Newtek, Inc. All other trademarks are held by their respective owners.

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