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CUCUG Announces New Mirror Site in the Russian Federation

March 11, 1998 - The Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group (CUCUG) announced today that AmigaWorld Russia, a new Amiga-oriented WWW service, would be hosting its popular World Wide Web site. AmigaWorld Russia joins a coalition that now includes seven active Internet service providers worldwide which are hosting the Central Illinois user group's site.

A process known as "mirroring" makes a nearly identical copy of a Web site available to users closer to their own connection on the Internet. This usually results in more reliable connects and faster response.

Other CUCUG mirrors are currently located in Australia, Italy, Greece, Poland and Britain. The primary CUCUG site is maintained at Champaign, Illinois in the United States.

AmigaWorld Russia representative Alexey Emelyanov said, "We choose the CUCUG web site to mirror for our Russian users because CUCUG provides a complete combination of all the resources about the Amiga and the Amiga community (including news stories, the Demo Scene, etc.), CUCUG offers unique services and resources to support the Amiga community (like the Agnes search engine) and the regular updates!"

CUCUG maintains the award-winning Amiga Web Directory and Agnes, an advanced Amiga WWW search utility. Both have become very popular with Amiga users throughout the world.

The address for the new CUCUG mirror site in the Russian Federation is:

CUCUG's main site can be found at:


CUCUG, The Amiga Web Directory, Agnes and the Agnes character are all service marks of the Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Group. Amiga is a registered trademark of Amiga Inc.

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