VaporWare Announces VoyagerNG 2.95 Web Browser Available

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   \ V / _ \ || / _` / _` / -_) '_| .` | (_ |  / / \_, /__ \
    \_/\___/\_, \__,_\__, \___|_| |_|\_|\___| /___(_)_/|___/
            |__/     |___/
Welcome to VoyagerNG 2.95.

Voyager is a web browser for Amiga computers. It has been programmed over the last two years by Oliver Wagner <>, and is a part of the VaporWare suite of Internet applications. For more information on VoyagerNG or any of the other VaporWare products, please visit the VaporWare website

This is the first public release of VoyagerNG since version 2.88. In the past months, many parts of VoyagerNG's internal workings have been rewritten from scratch. A direct result of this is the implementation of HTTP/1.1 which allows VoyagerNG to use persistent connections to websites in order to decrease load times, the only Amiga web browser capable of this.

This version of VoyagerNG has undergone thorough internal beta testing over the last few months. Despite this, some bugs have surely remained. If you do encounter a bug, please submit a bug report to our online BugTrack database, at ...thanks!

Please subscribe to the VoyagerNG Mailing List if you would like to discuss the program. Details of all VaporWare Mailing Lists are on the website,

VoyagerNG is *SHAREWARE*. You can register it easily with the included registration utility at any of our registration sites around the world. These include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

To use your Credit Card or First Virtual account to register online, just point your browser at This is a secure site. All Credit Card orders are processed through the UK registration site, at current UK prices. All First Virtual orders are processed through the USA registration site, at current USA prices.

The executable comes in two versions: One, called "V", is compiled for 68000/020/EC030/EC040 CPUs, the other, "V030" is compiled for 68030 CPUs (and up) equipped with an FPU (68881/68882, 040 and 060). The install program should select the right executable for your CPU.

(For a full list of changes since version 2.88, please see below).

VoyagerNG 2.95's new features include:

Voyager 2.95 is now available:

via FTP:, /pub/voyager/, /pub/voyager/, /pub/voyager/, /pub/voyager/

via HTTP (main web site) (UK file only mirror)

via E-Mail:

mail to <>, put "SEND REGTOOL" into the mail body. The file will be returned uuencoded.

vng_295.lha               966261
vng_295.lzx               890655

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