Amiga Informer Announces Amiga University 2 Contest


Just a few months ago, four lucky Amiga-users won fantastic prizes playing the Amiga University trivia game at

Now's YOUR chance to win one of the following prizes:

GRAND PRIZE : A1200 Magic Pack computer system

FIRST PRIZE : An assortment of Vulcan Software games, including:

SECOND PRIZE : Aladdin 4D 5.0 modeling and rendering software

(2) THIRD PRIZES : Aweb-II 3.1/AirMail Pro Bundle

(4) FOURTH PRIZES : A selection of Turtle Lightning CD-ROM software

(4) FIFTH PRIZES : Golden Image Pen-mouse

All told, there's almost two thousand dollars worth of prizes. You can make yourself eligible to win prizes by attempting our challenging Amiga-oriented trivia questions. The more answers you get correct, the better chance you have of winning! New questions will be posted every two weeks for two months.

Don't delay, play the Informer's Amiga University Online Sweepstakes game right now!

The Amiga University is sponsored by The Amiga Informer magazine, Pantheon Systems Company, Amiga International, Turtle Lightning Software, Nova Design, Amitrix Development, and Toysoft Development.



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