Sassenrath's Rebellious New Company: REBOL Technologies

For Release 20-Mar-1998

Contact: Brenda Christian,

Ukiah, California:  Carl Sassenrath announced today the formation of REBOL Technologies, a system software company which will focus on the research, development, and marketing of a ground-breaking new computer scripting and messaging language. Called REBOL (pronounced "reh-bul"), this technology signals a fundamental new approach to distributed personal computing.

REBOL will offer a means of putting computing power back into the hands of users and application developers. "Personal computing should be about opening up greater options for what people can accomplish with their computers, not holding users hostage to the tools, features, and 'upgrade-and-wait' cycles of the software mega-corporations. REBOL combats this dependency by enabling individuals to create and customize network-ready software in a form that's simple, flexible, and easy to maintain" says Sassenrath, who is best known for his Amiga multitasking OS architecture. "It is about us being the masters of our computers, not the reverse."

REBOL, which stands for Relative Expression-Based Object Language, provides a standard method for the exchange and sharing of information and programs between people, applications, and computers. REBOL programs can function independently or in conjunction with other applications and are designed to directly access the primary Internet protocols such as email, web, FTP, and others. In fact, REBOL itself is designed for Internet distribution; the language core is streamlined to download from the Web in the amount of time it takes to load the main page of a typical commercial web site.

"I'm awestruck that nobody created something like it sooner," commented Ted Wallingford, production director for Pantheon Systems. "I believe that REBOL could be marketed not only for its ease of use, but also on its sheer power."

REBOL Technologies will be releasing its first product, REBOL/Share, by late summer and REBOL/Core by early fall. The software is expected to run on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems from the Amiga to Unix and everything in-between. The products will be distributed as freeware, shareware, and commercial releases over the Internet and directly from the company.

REBOL Technologies is headquartered in the scenic coastal mountains of Ukiah (110 miles North of San Francisco). The company is busy recruiting software and system engineers as well as other "true renegades" to join the company in Ukiah. "This is a chance to get in on the ground floor of the next major revolution in distributed personal computing."

REBOL Technologies can be found on the web at


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