Nova Sector Engineering Announces User Group Distribution of Amiga Machines

We would like to give the true supporters of Amiga a break for sticking to the Amiga though bad times. Any Amiga user group thoughout the world can purchase Nova Sector suped-up Amiga A4000Ts at distributor prices (typically at about a 15% to a 25% discount). Or, you can simply become a member of CUCUG, and get the same discounts for a $20 membership. For further information on how your user group can take advantage of these specials please contact Ryan Bertram at (888)855-9407 or Long Live the Amiga.


I'm Ryan Bertram, President of Nova Sector Engineering, Inc. We are a manufacture of Amiga A4000T with PowerPC boards. I have something here that you might be interested in. Starting immediately we are going to be distributing our products though the user groups. All user groups will be able to purchase our products at distributor prices, which includes the following: pre configured A4000T, Cables, printers, scanners, monitors, processor boards, processors, software, modems, memory, etc.

If any member decides s/he wants to sell our products, what ever they make over the distributor prices is theirs to keep. At Nova Sector our objective is to run a successful business, and to bring back the Amiga into the computer market. What better way to bring the business part of Amiga back, then to have the very community be the spokesmen for it. Petro himself could not do it better.

We can get a hold of just about any Amiga hardware, or software anyone could need on any computer system. Let us know, because this is a community effort to bring back the Amiga, and there needs to be an effort at every meeting to get a hold of companies in your area, and see what an Amiga can do for there business.

The Amiga community can't wait until Petro at Amiga International does something, or Jeff at Amiga Inc. to develop new products. If the Amiga is going to be successful; its going to take a grass roots effort. Nova Sector can provide the resources, but only the Amiga community can put the Amiga on top.

If any of the groups are interested please email me at, and give me a contact phone number and a mailing address, and we will send catalogs, and support information.

Best Regards
Ryan Bertram
Nova Sector Engineering, Inc.
Please visit our web page at

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