Turtle Lightning Amiga Software Announces New Features Added to its World Wide Web Site

Turtle Lightning Amiga Software
P.O. Box 30499
Midland, TX 79712

Contact: Terry L. Fike (turtleguy@apex2000.net)

March 24, 1998 - Turtle Lightning Amiga Software has announced that its World Wide Web site has been completely redesigned and many new, customer friendly features have been added.

"These new changes will make it simple and quick for our customers to not only find exactly what they are looking for, but they will now also be able to purchase their items effortlessly using our new 'shopping cart' feature," said Terry L. Fike, proprietor of Turtle Lightning Amiga Software.

The site's new, unitized graphic format is attractive and easy-to-use yet consumes very little Internet 'bandwidth'. Products are arranged logically and can be browsed with ease by people shopping for the latest in Amiga software.

Besides a new, text-based search engine which looks up products quickly, the site has added a unique feature which allows shoppers on a budget to choose products based on a cost range. For example, users can specify only items priced between $20 and $50 and will be presented with only those titles which match that criteria.

"We feel that our price range shopping feature will be popular with those of our customers who are particularly price conscious," Fike noted.

Along with the overhaul of the site, Turtle Lightning Amiga Software also has a new web address. The updated web site may now be found at: http://www.pantheonsys.com/tlas/.

The new site was designed by Pantheon Systems, an active Amiga-oriented multimedia development company.

Turtle Lightning Amiga Software distributes many popular Amiga-compatible software titles and is the exclusive US distributor for the Vulcan Software line.


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