A Very Special Offer by Paxtron for Amiga User Groups

This time of year normally sales of Amiga computers, accelerators, accessories, etc. slows down. In order to ward off this yearly occurrence Paxtron is repeating an existing offer made to USER GROUPS a couple of years ago. For a limited time, Paxtron will give any Amiga USER GROUP member very substantial discounts on popular items such as:

This offer will even include a discount on Amiga repairs. For details to gain access to our USER GROUP web pages fax Paxtron at (914) 578-6550 on your user group letterhead or call (800) 595-5534.

This is a very serious offer involving large discounts and we encourage every Amiga USER GROUP to inquire.

Paxtron Corporation
Web Page: http://www.paxtron.com/
E-mail: paxtron@cyburban.com

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