Mystique Announces Creation of New Folder on Aminet Just for Children

As hosts of the Amiga's Premier Children's Site, it brings us great pleasure to announce the completion of Stage Two of our Made For KiDS campaign for Children's Software on the Amiga.

We have overseen the creation of a new folder on the Aminet solely for children's software and have introduced a brand new Kids' Software Directory on our site.

This new directory is divided into several different categories and has been carefully designed to provide you with the information you want with the maximum of ease and minimum of fuss.

It really is the best way to find software for your children on the internet!

Features of the directory:

We believe this new format to be a great enhancement over the Aminet's format as it is specifically designed to help you get the best, most suitable software for your children.

The creation of this directory has taken a considerable amount of time and shows our commitment to children's software on the Amiga. Check out our website for even more pages for kids including:

We would like to thank Urban Mueller for his support and work in creating this new folder.
Urban, we couldn't have done it without you - keep up the great work!

We would also like to express our thanks to Haage&Partner who have shown their support for our projects by generously sponsoring us of a copy of their excellent StormC software to aid our developments.

This, in conjunction with the sponsorship of our company by Amiga International, shows the overwhelming support for Mystique and for our efforts to ensure the future of the Amiga as a computer of choice for children and education.

Finally, we would also like to announce the opening of the new CP Support Site.

Here you will find information about, screenshots, reviews and downloads of CP - the Amiga's Premier Children's Software. Surely a section of the site you can't afford to miss!

We would be very grateful if you could please complete our short Survey on the future specs of CP, so that we may identify the base configuration for CP and better serve your child's computing needs!

All the best...

Conor Kerr
Director, Mystique Corporation International



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