Asimware Innovations Inc. Announces New MasterISO v2 Development Pages and Mailing Lists

Asimware Innovations Inc. is proud to present new additions to our web site.

We have now added MasterISO v2 Development documents at:

These documents will enable all users to see how the next revision of MasterISO v2 is progressing, prior to its release.

These documents will allow existing users to see what changes will be made to the software as well as allowing potential users to see what new drive support is being added. These pages will be updated each week.

We have also started two mailing lists; for AsimCDFS Version 3 and MasterISO Version 2.

These lists will allow users to interact with each other and Asimware personnel concerning all aspects of the software.

Information on how to join these mailing lists can be found at: If you have any further questions, please e-mail

Asimware Innovations Inc. is a Canadian software development house providing innovative software solutions since 1992. We are specialists in DVD, CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW technologies.

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