Turtle Lightning Amiga Software Offers Exclusive CUCUG Member Specials

Hello CUCUG Members: Super Hot Specials

In appreciation of CUCUG and The Amiga Web Directory we at TLAS/Vulcan America wish to offer these special deals to CUCUG Members. Just place an order on our orderform and put (CUCUG Special) after your name or any unused blank. This is a CUCUG Member ONLY special. NOT a member? See bottom of page.

TitleCUCUG Member
Price (USD)
BogRats AGA$ 14.95
HillSea Lido11.95
Jet Pilot24.95
Tiny Troops24.95
TimeKeepers Expansion Disk7.95
Valhall I 'Lord Of Infinity'19.95
Valhall III 'Fortress Of Eve'22.95
Uropa 2 CD29.95
The Strangers CD AGA29.95
Final Odyssey32.95

These special deals are only good until June 1st. Just go to the TLAS web site at http://www.pantheonsys.com/tlas/ Here you will see a link to the Vulcan titles. We are hopeful that Genetic Species CD will be available about the middle of May. If you are not a CUCUG Member...sorry but you could be saving yourself money on software. Go RIGHT NOW to the CUCUG Membership form.

Manager - Vulcan America

Terry L. Fike

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