Vulcan Software Announces New Developer Sign Up


Vulcan Software Limited is proud to announce the signing of the development team Black Flag from Portugal along with their 30 million year old master piece CAVEMAN SPECIES for the Amiga CDRom & PC CDRom platforms.

All at Vulcan are honoured to have them aboard!


A small planet in our universe bares witness to the emergence of intelligent life! In this evolutionary rage of power, the weaker will not stand against the breed who shall inherit the land of the caveman species...

Caveman Species is a real-time strategy war game set in a world comprising of 3 continents that enclose over 90 playable locations.

Each location features its own unique storyline that creates an ever evolving and intriuging plot.

The players' goals will be different for each location and can include, wiping out the enemy tribes, reaching a certain level of tribe progress or perhaps discovering ancient cities or finding lost tribes.

Special features allow tribes to interact with elements like, witches with magical powers `who can weaken the enemy in battle or turn them into frogs` or visit Stonehenge to invoke the gods `who can fill your enemy with the plague` or kidnap dinossaur eggs for breeding or ultimately hunt the infamouse T-Rex, train it, then ride on it`s back into battle to tear your enemy apart with one single bite!


AGA-CyberGfx-Picasso 4Mb
68020 CPU, HD, 2x Speed CD

100`s of Character Animations
90 Segments in 3 Continents
Several Degrees of Evolution

Digitized Sound Effects
16 Bit Stereo CD Music
5 Movie Sequences
300Mb of 3D Animations

TCP/IP Modem & Internet for 4 Player Multi-Play
Multisync-SVGA for 640x512


Details and screenshots for download are available at our website

Live Long & Prosper!
Paul Carrington BA (Director)
Vulcan Software Limited (Software Development & Amiga Publishing Company)

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