The Lair Announces Latest Issue

Dear fellow Amigans,

We here at The Lair are proud to announce the release of issue 13, which is now online, at

This month, we have another issue packed with top reviews, articles and opinions concerning recent developments, releases etc. in the Amiga community.

In this issue, we have a feature on keys and cryptography, and part two of our Javascript tutorial. We also interview the World Foundry and ask them what their opinions regarding recent developments in the Amiga community are. There is also an article on a way of reducing your phone bill while staying online longer, plus our regular review of an Aminet directory. As always we have another poll, while the forum is once again packed to the brim.

Netscape users

In recent months our readers using Netscape browsers have had a lot of problems viewing our pages, which should now be resolved. Therefore everyone can once again enjoy The Lair!

As always, absolutely no subscription is necessary - so point your browser to our URL below, and enjoy another great issue packed with articles!

Best wishes to you all,

Chris Hanretty, aka Obscure Reference, Editor

Erik Elgersma, aka Tricky Dickie, Deputy Editor The Lair! - the definitive Amiga e-zine But you already knew that

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