ICOA to Host Closed Door Developer Meeting at WOA Show


30 April 1998

The Transitional Steering Committee of the ICOA wishes to announce that there will be a closed door Developer meeting on Saturday 16th May from 10:00am - Noon at the WoA show.

The first quarter of an hour or so of the meeting will be taken up with the ICOA alert report, and then the floor will be given over to Amiga Incorporated representatives for a set of presentations and a Question and Answer session, fully revealing the roadmap for the next 2 years or so, including information on the Operating System, new Hardware, support through the ICOA and new market opportunities for a revived Amiga.

Amiga Inc have indicated that any developer, commercial, share, hobby or academic who cares about the future of the Amiga, and who will be at the show, should plan on attending.

For those unable to attend, a full transcript will be prepared as quickly as possible and posted to the ICOA website.

As the meeting will be closed, the TSC asks that any developer or ICOA member wishing to attend should email


OR register at the Amiga Inc stand at the WoA on the friday or early saturday of the show.

There will be security on the door so please register as soon as is possible to avoid disappointment.

The wait is over!!!

Gary Peake
Press Officer

Industry Council Open Amiga

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