Possible New Developments Noted in Recent IRC Conference

Note: this is an edited version of an IRC conference attended by some Amiga officials on May 2, 1998 where some new developments at Amiga Inc. were strongly hinted at. Keep in mind that many of the people featured in this transcript have no offical standing and are expressing their own opinions. While we normally do not print this type of unconfirmed material, we felt the statements made by Joe Torre (onebit) of Amiga Inc. alone were worth sharing. Thanks to Per Jonsson for taking the time to edit this transcript. He asks that you forgive any mistakes or omissions.

-Kevin Hisel

From: "Per Jonsson" <per.jonsson@laetus.se>
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
Subject: The best of the news-conf...
Date: 3 May 98 01:17:17 +0100

I have taken the best part from the news co0nference which was on 2 may 98. It was rather long so I figured more ppl would read it if I took out the most interesting parts.

[andyf] - Andy Finkel (ICOA)
[Smaugh2] - Darreck Lisle (Amiga Inc)
[Womble] - Ben Hutchings (ICOA, JMS)
[fleecy] - Fleecy Moss (ICOA)
[thought] - Jesse McClusky (ICOA)
[onebit] - Joe Torre (Amiga Inc)
[gom] - Giorgio Gomelsky (JMS)
[rexxorient] - Alain Penders (ICOA)


[TA] We are here today to help people understand what each of of our groups do and how they relate to the future of the Amiga There are some BIG plans in the works!!!


[Bitb] Are newer versions of Amiga OS going to support retargettable graphics as standard eventually, in the long term? Obviously we won't be using AGA chipsets on many more future Amiga's will we?

[onebit] We wont be calling it RTG anymore, for one. AGA will, for those who need it (Titlers, Toasters) exist, perhaps for years more, but we are indeed moving on to graphics that will be better than "standard" once again. You will be very surprised at how this is logically being done.


[frotz2] ok, first i have to say i'm disgusted by that response from fleecy, i've heard "we'll know the answer at the next big amiga show" for a few years now. here's my question... Why is AI so silent in terms of announcements and plans when this silence has caused many people to leave the platform entirely?

[TA] Frotz, we are dealing with a different industry now. Any leaks could seriously jeapordize a plan in motion.

[thought] To clarify what TA said, there are *ahem* certain large companies who would really like to see us fail.

[fleecy] Frotz2 - actually, the only place you have heard that is from Petro - AInc have not said anything because they have had nothing to say. They have taken their time because they have looked at the whole industry, the whole Amiga history and the future of the global computing and digital revolution - in a depth that would blow your mind - they want a solution that will LAST - at WoA they will announce it.

[onebit] I wish I had been *more* silent about my FAQ! but that was then, this is now.


[NightSpd] All to often in the modern OS we see operating system services bridge over into so called "integrated applications"... where does AT plan to draw the line on such integration? Will a TCP/IP stack become standard? A text editor gadget? A spell check? Will AmigOS always fit in a 2 Meg ROM and a 5 Meg partition? GA


[TA] Guys, you are asking some pretty technical questions that may not get answered today.

[fleecy] I just want to clarify here that I am here as an ICOA rep - whilst Olsen, Alain and me have done contract work for AInc, we cannot talk about it here.

[onebit] Listen to Fleecy here. Our solution will indeed last a long time! Future permant accesss to our(my) Amiga programs and data is one of my prioritys. I will NOT stop using Amiga software.


[fleecy] I know it has been VERY frustrating for the whole community but GW2K is a huge company and as such, they do things very slowly, infuriatingly slowly but when they decide to move, they move - that will be at WoA


[onebit] When GW2K moves there is a big momentum, and wake. Be prepared!


[Merko] Will there be a clear plan regarding the future of Amiga presented at the WoA? Type of platform, method of backwards compatibility, who will make what etc? Not details but the big picture? GA (ps, drop that "2k" onebit! ;)

[fleecy] Merko - yes - everything will be answered - direction for OS, developer support, new HW and schedules

[TA] ALL technical questions will be answered at WOA May 16-17th!


[Bitb] Do you think we'll see a low-end A1200 replacement with updated technology, as well as the Power-user Amiga at the top end? The market needs both, right? GA

[fleecy] bitb - I think we'll see a range of computing and digital services products for all areas of the market. AInc wants partners - it knows it can't do it all on its own and it knows there are many out there who don't want to use a MS technology as the basis for their product. GA


[fleecy] Morden - AInc runs Amiga Development - but they are a wholely owned subsidiary - the plan has existed for ages but the funding had to be released by the parent company - convincing the GW2K board of directors has been a major task - that has now been done (as of last week)


[fleecy] PAmiga - I can' tell you anything about the announcement except that it will answer all the questions being asked (and generate a hell of a lot more) - the Press Conference is open to Press, there will be an announcement and demos/info at the AInc stand - the Developers conference will be closed but details will go up on the ICOA website. GA


[thought] Unlike past management, AInc doesn't want to say anything until they caan guarantee it. GA

[fleecy] NightSpd: as I just said privately to Frotz, AInc recognises that the most important thing it got when it bought Amiga wasn't the technology, it was the community. That's why it is working with the ICOA, that's why the developer support program announced at the WoA will fully enable the ICOA and AInc will take its place - the developers ARE the future farmers growing new apps jsut as the users are the future consumers who'll buy them


[fleecy] The wait and see tactic is one we have privately been advocating for a few months. Now the plan has been okayed, AInc are talking to the big players (or will be over the next 2 weeks) - the developer support program will be announced at the ICOA meeting and sign ups will start - the hope is to get developers coding within 3 months


[Jkay] Please tell us that you know why Motorola has withheld 68060s from the market, and that it will be re-appearing soon. I dont want info on secret talks or contacts with Moto .. just tell me someone asked and got a positive response. GA

[TA] JKay, I know that 060's have been in short supply. The reason is that Moto is working on some 060's with more mhz. All I can say.


[TB] 1: I heard sometime ago about the chance of AI getting a new building in the states. Any news on this?

[TB] 2: Whats AIs 'non-official' stance on using already existing Amiga talent?

[TB] 3: Whats The present groups position on communication and co-operation between each other, e.g. JMS to ICOA, ICOA to TeamAmiga etc.

[TB] 4: Keep up the good work guys :)

[onebit] TB1: Yes, and in a GREAT location. TB2: You cant stop Amiga Talent! GA

[onebit] TB4: is the answer to TB3: Keep up the good work! GA

[onebit] ...damn got to tin my soldering iron again....

[Womble] TB3: We've been co-operating with ICOA and keeping in close touch over the past year.

[fleecy] TB : 1 - very good, 2 - they hired Joe and Darrick, contracted Olsen, Alain and Me, talked to Carl and RJ, 3 - ICOA has Gary as Press Officer (TA), Ben (JMS) is on ICOA, I am in JMS GA


***** (This is nice /per) *****

[seal] 1. Most amiga users are very disillusioned atm. No news is bad news. On a scale of 1 to 10, how *honestly* mind-blowing is the news at woa expected to be (1=new stickers for our windoze k/boards) (9=new pc beating base architecture & incorporate pc 3rd party h/ware eg 3Dfx 2). '98 is make or break. thanks. GA

[onebit] I'd say a 7 then in a year a 10! GA


*** (nice too but.../per)****

[Zanity] Whats happening about bringing industry standards to the Amiga. Alot of people who've left the Amiga who'd like to return say they CANT till they can do Industry standard work at home on their Amiga. What is ICOA/AI doing about bringing these standards to the Amiga which even macs ;) have? ie. ICQ,Shockwave,a working/released JAVA VM, RealPlayer, even Photoshop.

*ACTION* Mitchman gets a warm, fuzzy, feeling

*ACTION* fleecy gives Zanity the gold medal for seeing the future....


[Jkay] "is this an announcement of your plans in full glory, or an intermediate announcement to keep users happy"

[TA] JoJon, I think this will be 'good' news, not scraps or handouts.

[fleecy] Jojon - the plan is ready, GW has ok'd it, it is the time to announce it - believe me, if it wasn't ready, AInc wouldn't be announcing it


[fleecy] They are big companies working on MS, PC, Unix and Consumer Electronics - you would recognise them pretty quickly if I mentioned them - it is not that they have Amiga specific apps, they want a change, they want a new standard, a more responsive, easier to code for platform that doesn't put them under the MS heel - they came looking plus behind the scenes, such disgruntlement is well known - lots of informal contacts


[Jkay] For those people not here from the beginning, there *will* be a series of earth-shattering announcements made by Amiga Inc, and the support groups in attendance here in 14 days at WOA in the UK.


[KarlosI] Personally I feel that it is AI that should set the standards and resolve the differences between P5 and H&G!! It is not the customers resposnsibility, because the longer it persists the more damage it does! Any comments? And I think many here are growing tired of AI's wait and see let them resolve it attitude...the time has come for AI to take some action, will AI consider this?

[onebit] We are going to set some standards allright. We arent waiting and seeing, we were researching and developing, partnering & planning. GA

Too bed I went now...

/per Jonsson

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