Nova Design Announces Wildfire PPC: Animation Sequencing and 3D Effects

For Immediate Release Contact:
Bob Fisher
(804) 282-5868 tel
(804) 282-3768 fax

Nova Design, Inc., producers of the award winning ImageFX package and the highly received Aladdin 4D package, are proud to announce that they have arranged to be the exclusive distributors of the Wildfire and Wildfire PPC 3D effects package for North America.

Wildfire is an exciting new animation sequencing, 3D effects, transitions, and animation package by Andreas Maschke and released in Germany by Oberland Computer. It can be compared to SGI Flint or Flame systems and it is capable of creating amazing 3D effects by mapping video sequences into Wildfire's intuitive storyboard animation sequencing system.

Highlights of Wildfire

Wildfire is a professional animation sequencer that allows you to create and process animations in several formats, to generate time-dependant 3D special-effects and design large projects containing several animations and frame-synchronized sound-effects. Wildfire's animation sequencing allows you to combine animations on a timeline and output them in a common format.

The 3D effects included in Wildfire include height-field deforms, cubes that automatically unfold and fold again, Lightwave object support, 3D magnet effects, 3D transitional morphing, unlimited mathematical deformations, twists, sphere mapping, twirling, water transitions, perspective transforms and more!

Wildfire is an open development platform, like Nova Design, Inc.'s own products, with complete plug-in development information and a full Arexx interface (with over 400 commands) is included.

Ordering Wildfire

Wildfire for standard Amiga 68k series machines with a 68020 or better is available for $149.95 and Wildfire for the PowerPC is only $199.95. Both are available at your local Amiga dealer or mail order firm.

Wildfire comes on CDROM and requires an Amiga 68k series or PowerPC system.

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