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The Amiga Community Liaison Group

The Amiga Community Liaison Group (ACLG) is a group being formed by members of the ICOA, Team Amiga, and the Jay Miner Society, among others, to help them keep in touch with each other and coordinate their activities where this makes sense. Our intention is to include representatives from Amiga organisations all around the world in this.

The first two subjects considered by the ACLG have been the need for an independent channel for Amiga news, and the question of how to provide support for the ICOA User Representative to be elected in June.

The first of these has been dealt with by the creation of the Amiga News Feed. This is a system by which Amiga news will be collected and forwarded to Amiga magazines, news sites and other interested parties. News items will not be edited, but must be attributed and limited in length and format. Amiga Inc and others have already arranged to send out their news via the Amiga News Feed. The News Feed will take the form of a read-only mailing list.

The second question is under continued discussion. The purpose of having a User Rep is to keep developers in touch with the needs of ordinary users. Therefore we hope that those user group members and magazine staff in daily contact with people who are doing useful things with Amiga computers, but who aren't part of the online community, will join these discussions within the ACLG.


The Amiga Community Liaison Group (ACLG) made up of members of Team Amiga, the Jay Miner Society, the User Group Network, and the Industry Council Open Amiga proudly announces the formation of the Amiga News Feed.

Our goal is to provide the operation of a low noise level, timely system that can feed news to not only the Amiga and non-Amiga press, but to individual users and user groups as well.


News post summaries, including source, email and/or URL's are sent to a single email address. Spam and rumors are removed by a moderator, the posts are authenitcated, and then pushed thru the news feed. There is NO censorship applied.


1. Send email to

2. Type subscribe tamiga in the body of the email.

The ANF is a FREE service provided to the Amiga community with a single click user interface for the posting of Amiga News! We do ask that you visit the ANF webpage and place the ANF button in a prominent place on your website so that all Amiga users everywhere may take advantage of the service.


The follwing sponsors are making the Amiga News Feed avalable to you. Please support them in their efforts.

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