Amigathering 3 - Amiga User Meeting to be Held in Greece

Amigathering is the most successful Amiga user meeting in Greece. Amigathering 3 will take place in Athens on the 16th and 17th of May.

Software and hardware issues shall be discussed and mid to high end Amigas will be available for use. Topics of discussion and demonstration are 3D graphics, communications and the Internet, sound applications, hardware hacks and the new PPC accelerators, office automation, multimedia, emulation and programming.

On Sunday 17th there will be a joint debate between members of the Amiga User Society and the Amiga Fan Club as well as other Amiga users present at the event.

Further details can be found in Greek and English on the Official Amigathering web page at:

Frank Livadaros

IRC : Kreator

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