British Trade Journal Hints at New Amiga

It has been reported that the British trade paper, Computer Trade Weekly ran a small news item about the World of Amiga Show to be held this weekend near London in its May 11th issue. In the piece, they stated that Gateway will give a real boost to the Amiga community by announcing major new investments in the platform. They went on to write that a possible new, high-end Amiga would be announced with both Amiga and PC compatibility with a price target of 500-700 ($800-$1150 US). The story noted that the new machine could be available within 18 months.

This new machine would feature open architecture to encourage software developers and a radically improved operating system, according to the journal. A mock-up unit may be demonstrated at the show while a full working version would be ready in time for the Cologne Amiga show in September according to the report.

The story has not been publically verified by Gateway or Amiga Inc. and no official sources were quoted in the article.

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