Opera Software Announces Development of Amiga Version

13 May 1998

Following the tremendous reponse to its Project Magic initiative, Opera Software AS today announced the development of an Amiga version of its popular browser. The development will be carried out by Reading, UK, based company Ramjam Consultants Ltd, under the leadership of Tim Corringham.

"We are delighted to be involved in porting Opera to the Amiga. Opera has an Amiga 'feel' to it even under Windows 95, so I'm confident it will make a high-quality Amiga application, and will offer a degree of commonality with Windows 95 that few applications achieve", says Corringham.

"Being a long-time Amiga user myself, it provides me with great pleasure to announce the official development of Opera for the Amiga platform", adds Business Director for Opera Software, Jon von Tetzchner. "It was one of our goals to make Opera available to as many Internet users as possible, and being able to offer an Amiga version not only adds credibility to Opera as an efficient and user-friendly application, but also constitutes a boost to the Amiga platform."

"This step is just the logical result of Project Magic, which since its inception has seen several thousands of users pledging their support for Opera for platforms other than MS Windows. The Amiga community has come out in full force, and we are proud to be able to soon offer a product that is as advanced, efficient and frugal as the Operating System it runs on", explains Helmar Rudolph, initiator and manager of Project Magic for Opera Software.

Both companies aim at a release date of December 98, just in time for the Christmas shopping season, providing a source of fun and satisfaction for many loyal and die-hard Amiga followers.

Opera for the Amiga is expected to support the same level on functionality as its Windows counterpart, thus putting it at the forefront of browsers on the Amiga platform.

The price for this version is not yet established, but it is planned to keep it in line with the Windows version.

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