AmigaSoc Announces Amiga Client Available for Football 365

Football 365 is coming home... to the Amiga!

Leading Internet technology company, IMM Studios in partnership with Direct Network Publishing have recently developed a unique and innovative publishing system which forms the heart of a new daily free Internet football magazine named "Football 365". As well as providing the most up-to-date news available in the footy world, it can even be personalised to your own team preferences through the "Homeground" section. It's big. So big in fact that they have leading football journalists such as "Under the Moon" host Danny Kelly on the team. F365 is available on the web, but is also designed to be delivered via E-Mail.

IMM has developed software to automatically unwrap the E-Mail and view it in a web browser for PCs, but now AmigaSoc UK have once again demonstrated their "actions not words" policy with the release of the official Amiga viewer for Football 365. Although we have developed the Amiga version without payment from Football 365, in return we ask that you support the developers of Amiga web browsers by buying/registering your favourite browser to ensure that development of that product continues.

So check out the Football 365 web site today at, or even sign up right now at this address: .imm. If you're already subscribed to Football 365 and have specified your computer to be something other than an Amiga, then we strongly encourage you to update your records by entering the registration page and changing your machine type to "Amiga". This way we can prove that there's a substantial market, and we have been given a target of approximately 1000 people. It is our aim to make the Amiga at least the second most popular platform represented on Football 365. Go on, what have you got to lose? It's free after all!

Apart from organising all the seminars and the IRC links (which Amiga Inc. have kindly agreed to sponsor), AmigaSoc will be bringing leaflets and various other literature about Football 365 to the World of Amiga show this weekend, so if you don't get the chance to visit the website before then, pick up something from there while you watch the football!

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