Epic Marketing Announces London Show Specials

15th May 1998

For Immediate Release

Epic Marketing http://www.epicmarketing.ltd.net announces some of the prices you can expect to pay if you visit the WOA show this weekend (16th and 17th May)

Worms Directors cut: ( yes its back) 13.00
Sensible World of Soccer (with 97/98 update) 13.00
Doom Trilogy 17.00
The Encyclopedia of the Paranormal 10.00
A320 Airbus 2 13.00
Overlord Flightsim 10.00
DPAINT V (including Manual) 15.00
Blitz Basic 2.1 (including Manual) 15.00
10 out of 10 range of educational titles 10.00 each or 3 for 20.00
Theme Park 10.00
Street Racer 10.00

These are just a few of the special offers that we know off we have not made up our minds on a lot of other products.

This years show looks like it is going to be the best for years, we ourselves are taking over 100 different products, which includes 10 different types of Joysticks, just about the whole of Guildhall range (most at special prices), the Islona range including Sixth Sense, Virtual Karting, Mobile Warfare. APC&TCP titles Flying High, Pinball Braindamage. Titans Shadow of the 3rd Moon, Art Studio, Elastic Dreams. We will also have our normal range of CD products and the Launch of The Epic 1998 Encyclopedia.

We have also got hold of titles such as Worms Directors Cut and Sensible World of Soccer.

We have also had a quick look at some of the other stands, Power Computing have got many great offers on the Hard Ware and they have the Power PC and a new Scan Doubler with Flicker fixer. The Amiga Inc stand has got many new products on display.

Come and see us there


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