Epic Marketing Announces Availability of "The Theme of Amiga" CD

15th May 1998

For Immediate Release

Epic Marketing http://www.epicmarketing.ltd.net announces "The Theme of Amiga" available to buy.

If you missed the Amiga show or forgot to buy it, "The Theme of Amiga" is available directly from us at 4.99 + 1 P&P.

Performed by ANNEX the CD contains 7 tracks with different mixes of the Amiga Theme. It has an intro. from Petro Tyschtschenko, So if you want to know how his name is pronounced then you can here it from his own lips.

Petro is also hopeful if he sales enough copies, he will be able to use some of the profits to help user groups, special developers and award schemes such as the "AAA" awards.

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