Amiga Informer Announces Final Round of Amiga University Contest


The Amiga Informer Announces the Final Round of Competition in the Amiga University Prize Contest.

If you'd like to win one of the great prizes in Amiga University's online trivia contest, be sure to register right now for the last round of challenging questions at

You'll be eligible to win any of the following prizes:

So, if you're up to the task, register now. Winners will be selected from those with the best scores. Hurry and play now because it will all be over in the beginning of June! Good luck, Amigans.

The staff at The Informer would also like to let our readers know that issue 14 will be a bit delayed. Do to the massive amount of information released at the World of Amiga show in London and subsiquent related information, we felt it necessary for us to delay printing. This amounts to about a one week delay, so if you are a subscriber you should get your issue around week 3 of June. Once you get the issue and see the detailed and, I should say, excellent and exciting news, you will be happy. Good things are finally happening on the Amiga and you can read it all in issue 14 and those that follow.

Thanks for your support,

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