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Are you abandoning the Amiga?

No, we are focusing our efforts on the development of the next generation architecture and operating system. We are working with third parties to create an open architecture necessary to bring the Amiga back for the future.

Isn't the new Amiga really just a PC with Amiga slapped into it?

While it is true that the next generation of Amiga will use the x.86 platform as a development system, this is meant to be used as a bridge to take the Amiga to version 5.0. Amiga 5.0 is a brand new Amiga, using the most evolutionary and revolutionary technology of software and hardware architectures.

Why didn't you choose PowerPC for the next generation Amiga platform?

The Motorola roadmap does not match our vision for the future that we have targeted for the Amiga. The Amiga Classic line will continue to support PPC as an accelerator the current systems.

So do I just throw away all of my Amiga applications and start over?

No. The Amiga 4.0 will support most of your existing applications through software emulation. We are working with another third party hardware vendor to develop a hardware add-on (Amiga Classic Card) that will make the bridge system backwards compatible.

Are you really abandoning the Amiga OS and licensing another OS?

We are NOT abandoning the Amiga OS. We are investigating the option of leveraging a state of the art kernel of another OS to speed the development process and decrease our time to market the next generations of the Amiga OS.


We are focusing our energy on bringing the Amiga technology and the community into the 21st century, ahead of the pack. We will target our efforts on the operating system and an open architecture necessary to truly be a leader in the multimedia, digital convergence marketplace.

Bill McEwen
Amiga Incorporated

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