FREE Upgrade to Tornado3D V1.75 is Available


The "FREE 2.0" special offer has been extended to June, the 30th 1998.

May 3rd, 1998 - Version 1.75 of Tornado3D, the most advanced 3D rendering and animation software for Amiga and DraCo computers, adds PowerPC support and many other hi-end features.

What's new?

Plus: Timecode Fast Jump, New Animation Panel with dragging and scaling, Adaptive "Postscript Type 1" Font Import, Font Beveling, Extended Project Format, Improved Transparent Rendering, Path To Keyframe, Clouds and Crust Texture, Terrain Texture and many more bug-fixes and improvements.

Registered users can receive the 1.75 update for free, from Tornado3D's totally revamped WWW site:

The package's serial number is required to fill the update form.

About Tornado3D

Tornado3D is a powerful, integrated, 3D graphics package oriented towards the professional market. Tornado3D brings to the Amiga the latest in hi-end 3D graphics technology, yet it is popularly priced. And as a "thank you" to its ever expanding Amiga and DraCo user base, Eyelight is pleased to extend the "FREE V2.0" special offer until June the 30th, 1998.

About Eyelight

Eyelight is a dynamic firm, specializing in computer animation and multimedia production, located in the charming capital of Italy, Rome, in close contact with some of Europe's largest cinema and video production facilites.


Tornado3D is produced and distributed worldwide by Eyelight. See for a list of Eyelight-approved dealers worldwide.


Mrs. Paola Barbon (
Via del Serafico, 64
00142 Rome

Intnl. Phone & Fax: +39-6-5190222

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