Blittersoft Announces Big Price Reductions For Mac And PC Emulation Software

Blittersoft are pleased to announce a new price structure for our emulation software packages for the Amiga.

FUSION Mac emulation is currently at version 3.1 and is accepted as the ultimate Macintosh emulator for the Amiga. Scoring 92% with CU Amiga, Fusion is actively developed and there is a planned upgrade route to a PPC version.

PCx PC emulation is currently at V1.1 and provides the user with the ability to run DOS and Windows 3.1 applications.

Pricing is as follows:

  1. FUSION V3.1 - 29.95 UKP
  2. PCx V1.1 - 29.95 UKP
  3. FSUION / PCx bundle - 49.95 UKP

Contact Information:

More detailed product information and ordering info can be found at:

Company Name : Blittersoft

E-Mail :
Telephone : +44(0)1908 261466

Payment Terms: Visa, Mastercard, Money transfer

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