Crystal Software International Announces New Amiga Magazine

Hello Friends!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Robert Iveson, and I'm the Managing Director of the Amiga Publishing Department of Crystal Software International. I'm also the editor & writer of a brand new, forthcoming magazine entitled Amiga Survivor.

This new 'zine is, of course, 100% dedicated to the future of the Amiga, and will include nothing but coverage of Amiga games.

Published by the world-wide company, Crystal Software International (who has offices based in the Netherlands, the U.S, the U.K, Australia and Japan) this new publication will be distributed on a worldwide scale, informing Amiga fans of the planet what's happening on the Amiga games scene.

Like yourself, who are devoted to the future of the Amiga, I thought it was about time a dedicated Amiga games magazine was produced. It's good to know that after a troublesome three years, the Amiga is finally remaking a name for itself in the computer-user community. And it's even better to know that many producers of new games, both small groups of Amiga fans, as well as larger development companies are creating more and more landmark games that are equal to those produced on today's top PCs and consoles. So Amiga Survivor is here to bring news, previews and reviews of all the forthcoming commercial, freeware, shareware and licenceware titles.

Amiga Survivor has emerged from a popular small-press fanzine entitled 'the domain' - the only Amiga PD and Shareware Magazine. After a year of good sales, Crystal Software snapped up the rights to distribute it worldwide, and due to its popular welcome, we have decided to make the magazine much more commercialised and incorporate commercial reviews and previews, hence *Amiga Survivor*.

The first issue is set to be released at the end of June / early July, it will include regular articles such as 'Website of the Month', The Fifth Column (a general rant about the world of computers), The Trashcan (Software to be avoided!), Aminet Ramble (a monthly dig into the recent Aminet postings), Magnetic Fiction - (A collection of short stories from Andy Campbell), Joe and Ami - (An Amiga related exclusive comic strip), there'll be a letters page, a hints and tips page and a page for readers to submit their own ideas for games. And, to sound like a stereotypical advert....lots LOTS more! But of course the main part of the mag will feature news, previews and reviews of all the latest games - whether they're commercial or free/shareware.

Already supported by many of the Amiga's games developers, (including ClickBoom who have supplied review titles of Quake and Myst, Vulcan Software Ltd who have provided a review copy of Genetic Species for the first issue, APC&TCP, Islona, The Real Ologram... to name but a few) not to mention already have a decent subscriber base from readers of 'the domain', Amiga Survivor is set to play a major part in the Amiga games scene.

In case you are not familiar with Crystal Software International, then I'll introduce them to you. They are a multi-platform supporting company, who have an in-house group of programmers working on many utilities and games as well as educational titles. They have recently developed a part of their company for the production of new Amiga titles, both low and high spec. Some titles currently in development are Gilbert Goodmate & the Mushroom of Phungoria, Goblin Tanks, Arcangel and Space Patrol. They also have a publication division who distribute many magazines for many different platforms (such as Atari, PC, Playstation & M-Crystal)

Crystal Software also have the power to sign up titles from small developing groups, their most recent being from Suomi-Peli, with their game 'Damage - The Sadistic Butchery of Humanity' ( So if you have a small game in development that requires a publisher - then contact us! (Details below!)

The first issue of Amiga Survivor is set for release at the end of June, and can be purchased direct from me, the editor, Robert Iveson at the below address.

UK Residents can send a cheque or postal order made payable to 'Robert Iveson' for 2.95, which includes postage and packing. Overseas customers would be better contacting EPIC MARKETING ( to place their order via credit card.

Each issue will be in A5 format, complete with a colour cover. The first issue will have an exclusive review of Vulcan's Genetic Species, plus a report of the recent World of Amiga Show held in London, as well as a review of 'the Amiga Anthem', not to mention pages of News, Previews and Reviews, and a whole host of Amiga related articles!

To contact Amiga Survivor, then you can do so by directly e-mailing:

You can write to me, at:
Robert Iveson,
Amiga Survivor,
41 Wellstone Garth,
West Yorks,
LS13 4EJ.

If you would like to contact Crystal Software International regarding the publication, then the man to write to is:

Alex de Vries,
Crystal Software International,
Leemveld 158,
9407 GE Assen,
The Netherlands.


All the best for the future,

Robert Iveson,
Managing Director, Amiga Publishing Department,
Crystal Software and Electronics.
/Editor of the ONLY Amiga Games Magazine/ Amiga Survivor
Member of Team *AMIGA*
A1200t, 18mb o6o, 1.2gig, 12x

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