Eyelight Announces a New Age In 3D Computer Graphics

What is "'Mage."?

"'Mage." is a complete, modular 3D graphics package that allows to easily model, animate and render at blazing speed on Risc based computers and workstations.

Why Risc-only?

Because Risc architecture is perfectly suited to 3D computer graphics. Both the PowerPC and Mips R5K architectures provide the invaluable MACC (Multiply and Accumulate) all-in-one instructions that easily account for 80% of processor operations during preview or rendering.

Is "'Mage." Tornado3D with another name?

No, it is an entirely different product, that builds on the expertise acquired developing Tornado3D. "'Mage." however is even more oriented towards the professional market and platform independance. "'Mage." targets the TV and hi-end video-game special effects production houses.

Does this mean Tornado3D is dead? Are you leaving the Amiga?

No, not at all. Tornado3D development continues, we are already working to define V3.0 features. "'Mage." already runs on PPC Amigas and will presumably run on "Future Amigas". Tornado3D and "'Mage." are two different products, managed by different development teams and oriented towards different markets. What's more, "'Mage."'s 100% PowerPC technology and industry standard user interface are likely to be integrated into future releases of Tornado3D as well.

How much does "'Mage." cost? When will it be available?

"'Mage." is tentatively priced at 1299,00 USD for first promotional release. This first release distribution is scheduled to begin in october 1998, with a massive marketing campaign to follow in first quarter 1999.

Will there be some kind of cross-grade from Tornado3D to "'Mage."?

Yes, Tornado3D users will be entitled to cross-grade to "'Mage." should they want to. As per Eyelight's policy, long time Tornado3D users will be entitled to more convenient upgrades. "First Buyers" (users that bought T3D before T3D's DEMO version was released) will even be able to cross-grade to "'Mage." for free.

Any hint about "'Mage."'s features? Do Tornado3D's features apply?

Tornado3D and "'Mage." share some features, but they are different products. Where Tornado3D is a "swiss army knife" of 3D graphics, offering something to everyone, "'Mage." has a smaller and more specialized feature set. A new web site devoted to "'Mage." is under construction and will hold all the "'Mage." specific issues.

Supported platforms

PowerPC-based Amiga ("'Mage." runs 100% PowerPC native)
3D accelerated 15bit+ graphics card
OS 3.0 or higher
64 MB ram
Hard disk, CD-Rom

Apple Macintosh
PowerPC-based Macintosh (G3 recommended)
3D accelerated 15bit+ graphics card RAVE compliant
MacOS 8 or higher
64 MB ram
Hard disk, CD-Rom

Silicon Graphics
Mips R5000+ SGI ws
IRIX 6.2 or higher
HW texture mapping recommended
64 MB ram
Hard disk, CD-Rom

Via del Serafico 64
00142 Rome Italy

Tel:(+39) 6-519-0222

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