Alive Mediasoft to Offer Samba World Cup

Hi. This morning we were notified that we had secured the rights to Samba World Cup. I would just like to say that this game is shaping up to be the best footey game on the Amiga. it will be available in the first week in July and there will be a demo next week

World Cup fever is upon us, and you don't just want to be watching the want to be playing it!

Well you can count on the only genuine Amiga company to bring you all the action.

In a joint effort with Sayonara Software, we bring you an epic new football game with everything you expect in today's software, with a touch of alive magic to take it a step further....

Just look at what Samba World Cup has to offer:-

minimum for ECS version: A500/600 1.5mb Ram
minimum for AGA version: A1200/4000 2.5mb Ram

CD-Rom available on ECS & AGA versions
Supports gfx cards, flicker fixer & extended memory.

Price TBA

Exclusively from:-

Alive mediasoft Ltd
PO Box 940
NG17 7FA
Tel/Fax: 01623 467 579

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