Alive Mediasoft Announces Exclusive Release of Quake Mission Packs

Exciting news follows about the exclusive release of Quake mission packs brought to you by Alive mediasoft. Below are some details about what the packs include.

For more information, readers can see the full previews, reviews and competitions to win copies in next months Amiga Format magazine.......

Quake Resurrection.

A stunning 3 CD collectors pack - "The Unholy Trinity" as it has been labelled features the original Quake (Amiga version) plus the 2 finest single player & deathmatch add-on packs ever!

QUAKE: Does this really need and introduction? the most intense, technologically advanced 3D experience ever captured on the Amiga. Features free and fluid motion, ambient sound and incredible lighting effects. Play solo of against others via Interned, LAN or serial connection.

MALICE: The year is 2320 - warring corporations dominate the industry. Your reputation as a ruthless mercenary armed only with a trusty .44 and wearing your trademark red bandanna have made you the most sought after hired gun at B.O.S.S. underground crime syndicate. Your current contract hit for B.O.S.S. has you specifically taking orders from the head-honcho, Bossman. You`d be happy if only he paid you on he tells you he'll double your money.....why?

Q!ZONE: The Quake death squad are back for more bloody battles. Earth counter offense calls on its best man (you) to wipe out the leader of the Quake dominion. Q!ZONE challenges you with 3 completely new episodes, including a new weapon and new enemies to defeat. Q!ZONE also provides an exceptional full control map and level manager. The level manager allow you to control everything from sound to selecting game play mode.


Available exclusively from

Alive mediasoft
PO Box 940
Nottingham NG17 7FA

Tel: 01623 467 579

PRICE: 50 including postage. (52 orders outside UK)


Quake players now have Marvels X-Men to contend with -- think you can take on Xaviers best?! It's a small world but somebody has to rule it - you got the guts?!

The Mission - to eliminate threat of Apocalypse's plan for world domination.

The Gear - Cyborg development allows for series of morphing forearm weapons.

Note; Powerpacks, Energy Modules and ammunition is limited.

Briefing - Apocalypse has captured and cloned the X-Men creating in their wake a terrible and mindless mutant militia.

But while Apocalypse's strength increases, so do the number of his enemies....including Magneto.

In his attempts to thwart Apocalypse's plans for world domination - Magneto has used his mutant power to bend metal to his will and has transformed you into a killer cyborg. Only by completing this mission successfully do you have any hope of re-gaining your humanity.

You are now Magneto's weapon against the countless slave-soldiers under Apocalypse's command.



The X-Men multi-player environment is an almost totally unique experience. Not only do you get to choose that character, you have that character again in the game with its own unique model and skin, but each character has its own unique mutant powers. And no more guarding that precious weapon re-spawn spot, as everyone has all the weapons from the beginning. You just have to find the ammo.

There are two modes of mulit-play: All weapons or special powers only.

All weapons allows all of the characters to use to use the weapons featured in single play as well as their individual powers.

But the major revolution here is the inclusion of a weapons free multi-player environment.

Special Powers only pits X-Men against X-Men with only their individual unique powers at their disposal.

This is the one that all you X-Men fans will want to play. It pits Wolvie against Gambit, Rogue against Cyclops, with only their powers to keep them alive. Can you as Wolvering dodge Storms raging lightening blasts while getting close enough to do some ripping with your claws?

If you have ever fantasized about being your favorite X-Men character the this is your dream come true!

AVAILABLE: Exclusively from Alive mediasoft.

PRICE: 18.99 + 1 p&p. (2 p&p outside UK)


You invested your money in the full version of Quake. You've completed every episode on nightmare level with only an axe. You clan kicks major butt. The mere mention of your name brings shudders to deathmatchers everywhere. What's a quaker to do now? Try Shrak - the first total conversion of Quake. with 9 awesome new weapons, 9 new monsters, 21 new levels (death match and capture-the-flag too) , new sound fx, and a new digital soundtrack.

Incase anyone out their is remotely bothered, the story goes as so:- the "normal" human population fled from earth after the last of the wars. The mutants left behind have begun to revive the technology that started it all. These mutants are being led by an unknown mutant named Shrak. You come back to earth to check things out and inadvertently crash-land. your mission is to eradicate shrak and his mutant clan, collect the circuit cards to repair your ship, and get the hell off of earth and back to the safety of your new world.

The 12 levels of shrak show a high degree of originality. some have a great deal of under-water exploration, while others have open spaces, bridges and cages.

There are 3 new utilities to help you get through the levels: a flaw, a claw,

Shrak brings new blood to the good old Quake.

AVAILABLE: Alive Mediasoft.

PRICE: 18.99 (+1p&p) (2 outside UK)


After defeating Shub-niggurath you arrive back at your home base on Earth. But it's not all blue skies and butterflies. Apparently, not all quake forces have been subdued. Chaos arises as you blast your way through the quake missions and towards the infamous gate-way. your only choice it to find the source of evil and shut it down without any hesitation and with more guts that common sense, you leap into their portal of an unknown destination.

PRICE 14.99 (+1p&p) (2 outside UK)
Available: Alive mediasoft.


Your journey has led you down the path of no return. The acrid smell of death fills the air. And you know that the road ahead may lead you to your grave. But Quake with his insidious apocalyptic plans must be crushed. If you fail evil will surround the universe for all eternity.

PRICE: 14.99 (+1p&p) (2 outside UK)
Available: Alive mediasoft

We are also selling Malice and Quake and Time of Reckoning separately.

Malice: 14.99 (+1p&p) (2 outside UK)
Quake: 27.99 (+1p&p) (2 outside UK)
Time of Reckoning: 18.99 (+1p&p) (2 outside UK)

All these packs are in stock and available now! And come with a full gui to run and install the add ons.

Alive mediasoft Ltd
PO Box 940
NG17 7FA
Tel/Fax: 01623 467 579

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