Sunrize Audio Card Upgrades Possible Despite No Company Support

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If you are a Studio 16 user with a Sunrize Audio card and thought you were left out in the cold when Sunrize folded. Take heart.

The Studio 16 mailing list has managed to make AHI and other utilities a possibility for the Sunrize audio cards. The list moderator and owner Kenny Nilsen , has gained valuable information and more AHI progress has been made. Kenny is an Amiga programmer and apparently a very good one. Kenny, armed with important library information, has been able to use the information to write some utilities that access the Sunrize cards and play samples directly to the card with out using Studio16. This utility is now available from Aminet.

This is the first step to AHI. Kenny is continuing to work on utilities using the information gained. He has added a page to his web site to help support the effort. Any one who is interested in seeing AHI support for their Sunrize card, should should go to the site and fill out the form he has prepared. You can also join the list and have access to technical and software help from other exsperienced users.

Here is the information as posted by Kenny in the Studio 16 mailing list. You can also contact him to find out how to join the list if you are a Sunrize card owner.

Survey Announcement

I have created a small survey I was hoping the citizens on this list will take the time to answer. Basically the result of the survey will determine future development of Studio 16 add-on's from my part. You will be anonymous by default answering this survey.

The address for it is:

The survey will run until 15. of July this year. I will put out a reminder every second week (if I remember.. :^). It's important that you report to me if the form doesn't work with your browser.

Thank you.
- Kenny

The Studio 16 list also has the lofty ambition of spawing a next generation sound card and a midi/sample succesor to Bars&Pipes Pro.

Posted by Troy Silvey

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